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A+ Software Advanced Pack for rebar workshops

Arma Plus, ERP CPAM Production Management Software for Reinforcement Manufacturers

The Advanced Pack for rebar workshops is an option of our standard A+ Software solution, providing you with a response adapted to your machinery and your specific production and product quality objectives.














Installation and invoicing

Monitoring the progress of the installation by drawing to prepare invoicing for your installation sites. Compatible with invoicing methods with or without supplies.      


MRP1 Failure Analysis

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Analysis of stock levels (minimum, maximum) and purchase lead times to determine the optimal schedule, in real time, of orders and/or production of parts.  Ensures an adequate level of stock continuously, prevents stock shortages, and identifies idle inventory. Generates orders, taking into account multi-supplier relationships. Saving of time and improved stock management.


Customer Pre-purchases

Allows for dealing with customer pre-purchases of material stock and products to ensure margins and provide cash flow to the factory.


Standard production costs calculation

Calculation of the production cost of manufactured parts. You can work out your production cost on the basis of your company’s standards. The system automatically calculates the full cost for each production. This functionality can be completed by taking into account the actual costs of manufacturing by control check.  


Management of quality laboratories

Test management and quality audits.


Data exchange between A+ Software bases

This functionality allows for excahanging steel BOMs, via external files or direct connections, between one A+Software Data base and another, includinc assembly drawing. This avoids having to re-enter detailing data, deletes errors and saving times. This is a particulary useful functionality within a subcontracting framework or for inter-agency exchanges.      


Export of the items to the CAD system

Allows for exporting the shapes into a CAD for 2D or 3D representation. Solution for integrating rebars in a more comprehensive CAD file. Also provides a comprehensive post-detailing check. 


Load control

Operation consisting in checking the loading of a lorry before shipping. Can be done through reading the bar codes on the labels or by manual entry. Generation of the delivery slip according to the parts controlled. Guarantees no missing or surplus items in deliveries. Increases customer satisfaction and reduces material consumption by eliminating the reproduction of parts already delivered but requested by the construction site.


Delivery run optimization

Organization of deliveries by run and by lorry, taking into account the priorities and choice of itineraries. Link to Google Maps®. Transport schedules with fleet reservation and consistency check.


Light shearing optimization

Shearing optimisation, per production sequence, diameter and captured stock length. offer possibility to check several optimization scenario according to available ctock lengths. Allows shearing list report facilitating the optimization in the workshop. 


Just in Time management

Organization of production on the basis of the desired delivery dates. Integration of Just in Time production taking into account the production, loading, delivery, unloading and delivery run times. Saving of time. Better compliance with deadlines. Improved customer relations. Reduction of intermediate storage areas. Better management of the flows of lorries. Reduction of stocks of finished products, etc.


2D Downloading – BVBS driver

Downloading of machine tools with 2D bar code (BVBS standard protocol). Editing of the 2D bar code on labels for downloading of manufacturing data directly to the consoles of the machine tools. Compatible with the BVBS standard. Increases productivity by reducing the data entry time and risk of error.


Cut and Bent work progress capture by scanning working docket

Control check, by scanning of the bar codes in the office, of the components manufactured at the end of the period. Traceability and productivity statistics. Productivity gains generally noted. Uniform basis for calculating operator bonuses. Traceability of cut and bent parts.   



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Management of subcontracting

Management, by construction site, of all subcontracted operations and automated generation of subcontractor orders and construction site delivery slips. Facilitates the generation of administrative and technical subcontracting-related documents (supplier and customer). Definition of prices for all subcontractors right from the site to facilitate orders and invoices.   


Design and manufacture of standard welded mesh

Management of the design and manufacturing of standard welded mesh or rebars. Library, cutting and bending, launch of manufacturing, editing, etc. Includes numerous options that can be adapted to your organization.  


Design and manufacture of special welded mesh

Offers different solutions for design: short specs registration of DWG BBS, conversion of conventional rebar cages, automatic data entry per section, production to size, etc. A comprehensive solution for special welded mesh. Based on best market practices, A+ Software supports you both in the design of panels depending on your welding machinery and related constraints, and in the organization of their manufacture (runs, orders). Includes numerous options that can be adapted to your organization.


Bill of materials configurator (MES)

Management of your production and price lines for the generation of orders and price quotes integrating all accessories and operations. Can be adapted to all types of activities with production organized by order. This module constitutes the heart of your production management application. The first level allows for managing your manufacturing lines. The BOM and the operations benefit from configurator-type functionalities that allow for simplifying the management of your technical database. Depending on the design variables, the configurator allows for controlling the choice of components and their quantities, the associated operations and expected productivity, as well as the standard costs.     


Optimization of customized cutting

Optimization of cutting and bar ends depending on the characteristics of your equipment and the distribution of the products. Logistics management of the storage capacity for finished and semi-finished goods. Optimization of the number of cycles and bar ends in order to manage your steel consumption. 


Organization and launch

Production strategy

Scheduling and consolidation of orders. Taking into account of the technical, economic and logistical constraints of your machinery in the assigning of workstations. Study of the cycles for the optimization of each machine. Balancing of production time per loading station. Processing of packaging depending on the handling means and production machines.   


Real-Time production monitoring.  

Industrial data acquisition.

Monitoring engine for production data entered in the workshop via the A+ TouchBox network (link to the hardware page). Real-time monitoring, and productivity and traceability reporting. Allows the comprehensive management of production with real-time progress display. Facilitates the relationship with the construction site. Ensures the traceability of raw materials by construction site for quality control. Provides a very accurate calculation of costs based on plotted events.


Machine Servicing System

Attached to data acquisition system, A+ Software propose a full Machine Servicing System. The list of servicing technician, per type of process, is fully intergrate. A+MSS also manage the service operation list including periodicity, allocated time and spare parts (stock managed by A+) for each machine. A servicing planning per day and machine is established. The work orders are created with barcode for the online Touch Box management, which will also serve to scan the operations and allocated time. A set of complete statistical documents is available.   



Direct 1D downloading and by production machine query (depending on the machinery)

Downloading of machine tools with 1D bar codes. Direct link with the database. Editing of the 1D bar code on labels or the list for downloading of manufacturing data directly to the consoles of the machine tools. Increases productivity by reducing the data entry time and risk of error. May be supplemented by the real-time monitoring of production and the traceability of materials and operators.




This pack is understood as excluding equipment, including industrial equipment linked to the mentioned functionalities, proposed in addition. 


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Advantages of the A+ Software Pack Advanced solution for rebar workshops

  • Logistics
  • Advanced stock
  • 2d download



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