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The A+ Software IT solutions we offer for the manufacture of rebars are real tools for the decision-making process with respect to your organization and your activities. They all boast a high-performance, reliable and functional software base to simplify the daily activities of your workshop.





Basic functionalities of our solutions for rebar workshops



Custom settings

Management of system parameters and key files (Customers, Items, Carriers, Suppliers). Fully configurable for adaptation to your organization, A+ Software includes sets of directly usable standard parameters.  


Construction site management

Recording of the characteristics of your construction sites (names, addresses, contacts, technical constraints, prices, etc.). A+ Software is the mainstay of your customer relations.     


Management of trade products

Customer orders and trade elements of drawings. Management of orders for trade products in one order or in the drawings to facilitate the loading of lorries and invoicing. Prices per unit or per customer group, period and volume. Comprehensive management of the product.



Management of delivery slips per construction site. A+ Software allows for creating documents for the total or partial delivery of all your products. Taking into consideration of carrier fleets of lorries and calculation of freight charges. Organization of your multi-product delivery slips (trade products, standard products, rebars, etc.) by construction site and order. The presentation facilitates loading and unloading operations, and reduces the risk of error. Controls and monitoring of statistics available.     


Invoicing and payments

Comprehensive management of the sales administration activity (invoices, statements, bills, reminders, payments, outstanding customer payments, statistics, etc.). All of the sales administration tasks are integrated in this A+ Software functionality to facilitate customer follow-up. The data can be exported to your accounting software, depending on your specifications, in order to optimize data processing.     



Management of purchases (consultations, orders, receipt of deliveries, stocks of raw materials, statistics, etc.). A+ Software manages the purchases of both raw materials and consumables or trade products. Automatic updating of stock reservations and physical movements. Edition of electronic documents and emailing to partners. Follow-up tables.


Stock management (book inventory and tracked stock)

Comprehensive management of your stocks of raw materials and accessories. Monitoring of book inventory for finished goods and tracked stock. Taking into account of specific items related to the steel (differences in rolling, different order/sales and production units, bar ends, etc.) with monitoring of intermediate stocks. Knowledge of the stocks to be reserved early in the manufacturing process. Ability to register stock reservation movements over time in order to ensure availability and minimum stock.


Detailing (rebar parts)

Detailing and extraction of the steel bills of materials (BOMs) by drawing and by parts. The management of steel BOMs using A+ Software constitutes the heart of your business activity solution. It includes the generation of manufacturing orders (labels, measurements, assembly sheets, etc.) with partial drawings/orders possible. Library of macros for standard parts, import from third-party solutions, and configuration of automatic integrations of Excel-type files. Integrated management of sleeves and couplers. Numerous statistics. 


Welding work progress capture by scanning working docket

Control check, by scanning of the bar codes in the office, of the components manufactured by the welders at the end of the period. Traceability and productivity gains generally noted. Uniform basis for calculating welder bonuses. Treacability of assembled parts.


Assigning production lines

Automatic allocation of manufacturing lines during detailing. Integration of your company’s algorithms for the allocation, during detailing, of the most appropriate manufacturing line. Facilitates production management and allows for sorting editions by lines.



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