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AW Rebar Rebar workshops: A+ Software is the solution for you

Arma Plus, Software Solutions for Reinforcement Manufacturers

Arma Plus is aware that reinforcement steel is a major component in your work, and therefore strives to ensure that adequate solutions are provided to all its customers through its comprehensive IT solutions. Your productivity is essential to us, and we know that your workshops and activities require high-quality rebar processing to make sure your jobs are conducted suitably and in line with requirements. Rebar detailing is a core component of that, and our experts are available should you need any further information concerning it. Reinforcement steel requires technical knowledge that we can help you with at any step of the way should require it. Our comprehensive solutions will no doubt be an answer to your every need in the field of machinery and technical equipment. 


Your main activity is the manufacture of rebars. Your main issue is being able to deliver on time to your customers, while controlling your productivity and costs in order to maintain your margins.


Whether you produce standard rebars, customized rebars that are cut, bent or assembled, standard or special mesh, with or without wire drawing, or whether you ensure the installation on construction sites, A+ Software is designed to provide you with a turnkey solution.



A+ Software optimizes the management of rebar workshops

Designed by our technical experts, our very logical and practical software assists you in the daily management of your workshop(s). It facilitates the organization of exchanges between the office, factory and construction site thanks to its broad functional coverage: administrative, technical and sales management, detailing, workshop optimization, production schedule, machine downloading, organization of delivery runs, advanced stock management, quality assurance, web application to maintain a permanent connection with the construction sites, and interfaces with third-party software (financial, design and engineering firms, etc.).


The strength of our solutions lies in the adaptability of the A+ Software architecture to meet your requirements (number of sites, type of production, volume, etc.). Whatever your issues and requirements, Arma Plus has the solution.



  essential Advanced Premium
Custom settings coche-orange coche-orange coche-orange
Construction site management coche-orange coche-orange coche-orange
Sundry management coche-orange coche-orange coche-orange
Delivery coche-orange coche-orange coche-orange
Invoicing and payments coche-orange coche-orange coche-orange
Fixing and situation invoicing    coche-orange coche-orange
Purchases coche-orange coche-orange coche-orange
Workflow      coche-orange
Subcontracting   option coche-orange
Customer’s pre purchases   coche-orange coche-orange
Human Resource Management     coche-orange
Stock management (accounting and traced)             coche-orange          coche-orange         coche-orange
MRP1 Stock Shortages Analysis   coche-orange coche-orange
Detailling  coche-orange coche-orange coche-orange
Standard cost calculation coche-orange coche-orange  
True cost calculation Configurator     coche-orange
Bill of material configurator   option coche-orange
QA Labs Management   coche-orange coche-orange
Data exchange between A+Software DataBases   coche-orange coche-orange
Export of the positions to the CAD system   coche-orange coche-orange
Design and manufacture of standard welded mesh   option option
Design and manufacture of special welded mesh   option option
Seven VS one as needed as needed as needed
Loading control   coche-orange coche-orange
Weighbridge control     coche-orange
Truck tour optimization   coche-orange coche-orange
Mobil Stock      coche-orange
Light shearing optmization               coche-orange           coche-orange  
Special shearing optimization   option coche-orange
Just in Time management   coche-orange coche-orange
Assigning production Lines coche-orange          coche-orange         coche-orange
2D Downloading-BVBS Driver         option coche-orange coche-orange
Welding work progress capture coche-orange coche-orange coche-orange
Cut and Bend work progress capture   coche-orange coche-orange
Real-Time production monitoring, Industrial Data acquisition            option coche-orange
Machine Servicing System   


Organization and launch Production strategy                   option coche-orange
Direct 1D Downloading and by Production machine query (depending on the machinery)          option         option       option
Rebarsystem as needed as needed as needed
Single workstation coche-orange    
LAN coche-orange coche-orange coche-orange
WAN     coche-orange
Cloud option option option


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