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General Contractors Pack


Arma Plus Precasting and Production Management Software for Concrete Workshops


The General Contractors A+ Software pack is the software solution developed by Arma Plus to ensure the management of your construction sites and the supply chain across your entire organization. A+ Software provides a solution tailored to your specific goals in terms of supply and delivery deadlines.









Custom settings

Management of system parameters and key files. Fully configurable for adaptation to your organization, A+ Software includes sets of directly usable standard parameters.


Construction site management

The mainstay of your customer relations, A+ Software records the characteristics of your sites:

  • Names, addresses, contacts.
  • Technical constraints.
  • Subcontracting, etc.


Management of construction site deliveries

A+ Software allows for managing delivery slips per construction site, as well as the creation of documents for monitoring the total or partial receipt of all your steel bills of materials (BOMs).


Sub-contractor invoices and payments

A+ Software facilitates the recording of subcontractor invoices and checks their compliance with the orders.

  • Recording of supplier/subcontractor invoices.  
  • Simplified accounting system.


Subcontractor orders

With A+ Software, you automatically manage the creation of all your subcontracting-related documents (supplier and customer).

  • Management of subcontracted operations by construction site.
  • Automated generation of expected supplier purchase orders and delivery slips.
  • Definition of prices right from the site to facilitate orders and invoices.
  • Subcontractor documents bearing your company logo.
  • Saving of time and supervision of the follow-up of subcontracted operations.


Rebar System

Rebar system is an option that allows for making construction site information available via a web application in the case of a centralized database.


Detailing of the bill of materials (data entry, import, drawing)

Detailing and extraction of the steel bills of materials (BOMs) by drawing and by parts. The management of steel BOMs using A+ Software constitutes the heart of your business activity solution. It comprises the following:

  • Generation of manufacturing orders (labels, measurements, assembly sheets, etc.) with partial drawings/orders possible.
  • Library of macros for standard parts.
  • Import from third-party solutions.
  • Configuration of automatic integrations of Excel-type files.
  • Integrated management of sleeves and couplers.
  • (Numerous statistics available.)


Subcontractor deliveries

Electronic receipt of the rebars on site. Either via a web application or locally, you can confirm receipt of the steel deliveries to your construction sites, item by item or by component using the bar code. This functionality ensures the accurate and comprehensive monitoring of deliveries, reducing deadlines while making communication with your subcontractors easier.


Construction site stock

Monitoring of stocks of steel per site. This solution allows you to monitor the stocks of steel received by construction site and those implemented. You manage your supplies by construction site in a much more accurate and efficient way.






Automation of hierarchical authorization requests for the validation of tasks. Checks the coherence of the operations with the rules defined internally. Secures the authorization conditions.

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Advantages of the A+ Software Pack for General Contractors

  • Materials savings
  • Traceability by item
  • Integration



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