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General Contractors: A+ Software is the solution for you

Arma Plus, Management Software for Precast Concrete and Steel Structures

As a general contractor, you need general contractor software to help you monitor, optmise and manage your activity. Supply chain management, deadline management, data integration and interfacing with other software can all be improved thanks to Arma Plus software for general contractor, specially designed to meet your specific needs. As specialist in the manufacture and handling of rebar products, a rebar bending machine can come in useful and needs to be managed. That is where our general contractor software steps in, ensuring durability, quality, reliability and functionality. Our A+ solution is the ideal answer to your field-specific requests, and has several components (administrative, technical, logistics, etc.) that will tend to your every need, every step of the way. Our solution is tailored to your profile and our experts are available to assist you.  


As a general contractor, your main issues include guaranteeing your rebar supplies, ensuring quality services for your customers, and controlling the content and budgets of your rebar subcontractors while preserving lead times to meet a fixed schedule.


Arma Plus is fully aware of these different issues, and has designed a tailored solution to meet your specific requirements.



A+ Software: Greater monitoring and control of deadlines for general contractors

Designed by our technical and industry experts, our very logical and practical A+ Software solution assists you in the daily management of rebar supplies to your construction sites. A+ Software enables you to ensure the safe and proper organization and management of construction work, controlling uncertainties, and therefore costs, thanks to its broad functional coverage.


Our solutions for general contractors include:


  • integration of data from the design and engineering firm/department and their revision;
  • advanced supply chain management (stocks, monitoring of manufacturing, delivery, traceability) for the management of supplies by construction site;
  • a web application to maintain a permanent connection with the sites;
  • interfacing with third-party software (financial, design and engineering firms, etc.).


With A+ Software, we help you manage your subcontracting of rebars and the scheduling of your orders.

The software is designed to simplify your logistics, making you more competitive. This allows you to manage the steel lists, orders, the choice of subcontractor, shipping deadlines, the receipt of deliveries on site, stocks on site, and cost management.

A+ Software, the solution to guarantee your performance.



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