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A+ HARDWARE: Forget all your hardware worries

Computer Hardware Solution for Rebar WorkshopsWe offer a comprehensive solution comprising computer and industrial equipment selected to ensure the performance of A+ Software. Our range of equipment is classified according to the international IP standard and meets the operational requirements of the reinforcing steel industry.


It offers you total operational reliability on networks and databases in Windows®, thin client, client-server and cloud environments.


Our team of certified technicians and engineers has selected leading brand names that provide all the guarantees, operational reliability and safety, the assurance of benefitting from the most recent technological developments, and the sustainability of your investments.


We offer hardware configurations comprising PC, IP network, LAN, WAN, thin client, cloud, peripherals (printers, etc.), wireless solutions, interfaces and more.
As well as standard products, we customize hardware configurations that comprehensively meet the requirements of the industry, for optimum quality and cost-effectiveness.



A+ TouchBox

Our A+ TouchBox industrial equipment comprises a touchscreen (7- or 12-inch) and an integrated bar code reader. It provides the link between the factory and the A+ Software database, and ensures the traceability of the data, online monitoring, and communication with the production machine via downloading. Reliable and easy to use, A+ TouchBox provides a logical and practical solution that can be fully integrated within your work environment. Boasting numerous additional functionalities, it constitutes an essential partner for the effective management of production.


Download our A+TouchBox documentation



Ergonomic Welding Station

Our PSE (Poste de Soudage Ergonomique) ergonomic welding station is a simple and extremely effective tool. Designed to facilitate and optimize welding work, this equipment constitutes an alternative to fixed workbenches, providing all the necessary improvements. Welding work is of better quality, carried out more quickly, with less inconvenience and fewer constraints. The PSE greatly improves working conditions for your welders, thanks to a more ergonomic workstation that reduces sick leave due to occupational health problems. CE certified – Patented design.



Download our PSE documentation