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Arma Plus, Computer Hardware and Equipment for the Reinforcing Steel Industry

Part of our A+ Solution consists in a hardware component, making sure for instance that your rebar cage project turns out just the way you wanted it to, with high productivity levels and optimised functions. Hardware configuration is part of our expertise, and we aim to organise concrete workshop to help you implement your projects as you see fit. 


Another of our activities consists in offering software for production, so your equipment and hardware operates to their fullest potential. Rebar cages are just an example of all the reliable solutions we help you to put into place thanks to our A+ Solution. Helping you set up operational workshops is our goal, and our technicians and engineers are there to help you in any way they can.



Drawing on its extensive technical experience in the development and implementation of A+ Solutions for the construction and reinforcing steel industry, Arma Plus advises and assists you in the choice of components for your computer systems and other equipment.


The company’s experience in the rebar industry has also resulted in the creation of tools whose functionality and simplicity help ensure the traceability of products on your construction sites, as well as being easy to use.





We offer a comprehensive solution comprising computer and industrial equipment selected to increase the performance of A+ Software.
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Production labels, shipping labels and traceability labels: Arma Plus has developed the A+ ETIQ solution for reinforcement manufacturers and the reinforcing steel industry.
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