Solutions for the construction steel & concrete industry

A+ Supplies

Arma Plus, Computer Hardware and Equipment for the Reinforcing Steel Industry

Part of our A+ Solutions consist of hardware with high levels of productivity and optimised functions. The configuration of this hardware is part of our speciality and our aim is to help you implement it in the best possible way in your projects of concrete rebar, concrete reinforcement, steel construction, precast concrete


Another of our activities is to offer production software to make your equipment and hardware work as efficiently as possible. Our technicians and engineers are there to help you with everything you need.


Based on its extensive technical expertise in the development and implementation of A+ solutions for the construction and reinforcing steel industry, Arma Plus advises and assists you in the choice of components for your computer systems and other equipment.


The company’s experience in the rebar industry has also resulted in the creation of tools whose functionality and simplicity help ensure product traceability on your construction sites, as well as being easy to use.




We offer a complete solution of selected IT and industrial equipment to enhance the performance of our Advance Workshop software.


We offer a comprehensive solution comprising selected IT and industrial equipment to ensure the performance of our Advance Workshop software. Our range of equipment is classified according to the international IP standard and meets the operational requirements of the reinforcing steel industry.


We offer you total operational reliability on networks and databases in Windows, thin client, client-server and cloud environments.


Our team of certified technicians and engineers have selected leading brands that provide full guarantees, confidence, the security of benefiting from the latest technological developments and the sustainability of your investments.


We offer hardware configurations comprising PC, IP network, LAN, WAN, thin client, cloud, peripherals (printers, etc), wireless solutions, interfaces and more. In addition to standard products, we customise hardware configurations that comprehensively meet industry requirements for optimal quality and cost-effectiveness.


A+ TouchBox

Our industrial A+ TouchBox comprises a touch screen (7/12 inch) and an integrated barcode reader. It provides the link between the factory and the database of our Advance Workshop software, and ensures data traceability, online tracking and communication with the production machine via download. Reliable and easy to use, A+ TouchBox provides a logical and practical solution that can be fully integrated into your working environment. With numerous additional functionalities, it is an essential partner for efficient production management.


Download our A+TouchBox documentation


Ergonomic Welding Station

Our ergonomic soldering station PSE (Poste de Soudage Ergonomique) is a simple and extremely efficient tool. Designed to facilitate and optimise soldering work, this equipment is an alternative to fixed workbenches, providing all the necessary improvements. Welding work is of better quality, faster, with less inconvenience and fewer constraints. The PSE greatly improves the working conditions of your welders, thanks to a more ergonomic workstation that reduces sick leave. CE certified – Patented design.



Download our PSE documentation




Production labels, dispatch labels or traceability labels. Arma Plus has developed the A+ETIQ solution for reinforcement manufacturers and the concrete steel industry.


A+ ETIQ is the reference label in terms of durability, clarity and legibility, offering the best price/quality ratio, combined with a software solution to facilitate sorting and reduce consumption.


Constantly at the forefront of innovation, what we offer is a label whose functionality and simplicity help to ensure traceability of products on your site, as well as optimal working conditions.


Labels have always been the link between your production and your customers. The clarity of printed information, traceability, identification and tracking in the workshop and on the construction site, and durability are factors that influence production, delivery and installation on site.


Since 1984, Arma Plus has been striving to meet the expectations of its customers by closely following technological developments. Our first labels were on cardboard, then Tyvek®, before introducing polyester labels, the only labels used on the market for more than a decade.


Through A+ ETIQ, our research and development activities have today resulted in a material that has the same mechanical properties as PVC, but can withstand the heat of laser printing and will enable you to achieve operational savings thanks to unique supply management.


A+ ETIQ comes in the form of a pre-cut sheet to obtain 6, 8 or 10 different labels using:

  • A standard laser printer, on one side.
  • A black and white laser printer, both sides.
  • A colour laser printer.
  • A colour laser printer, both sides.


If your company’s core business is cutting steel rods and rebar, Arma Plus has the ideal solution with its simple and efficient labelling standard for rebar manufacturers and the steel industry. Our aim is to improve and optimise all production processes and traceability, hence our desire to implement a labelling standard that guarantees maximum quality and optimum results.


Cutting rebar requires precision and efficiency, and we can offer solutions to meet your needs. One such solution is rebar cutting and bending software for your workshops, which is guaranteed to be highly efficient and reliable. Our solutions simplify your factory’s daily activities.


Download the A+ETIQ documentation