Solutions for the construction steel & concrete industry

Fabricants d'armatures acier pour béton et production et assemblage

A+ SOFTWARE: performance and reliability to boost your development

Reinforcement manufacturers, production and assembly

The A+ Software solution is specifically designed for the construction and reinforcing steel industry and all of its manufacturing components – wire drawing, cut and bent steel, assembled steel, precast concrete, standard and special wire mesh – and is also a general contractors software.


At the heart of your organization, our software solution is a real tool for the decision-making process thanks to the organization of exchanges between the design office, workshop and construction site.


A+ Software uses the IT environment that best suits your requirements: single workstation, LAN, WAN, local dedicated server, virtual server, or cloud computing. Our comprehensive software solution is compatible with all technical standards worldwide and operates in multi-company, multi-warehouse, multi-factory, multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-unit environments.




The “office” part of our A+ Software solution provides solutions for better organizing your office activities:

  • Daily exchanges with the construction sites (management of deadlines thanks to a ‘just in time’ approach, delivery schedule, organization of delivery runs, subcontracting, real-time access to project data directly by the customer, etc.).
  • Management of purchases (consultation, pre-order and order, receipt of deliveries, identification, etc.) and stock.
  • Technical management: detailing (scanning of CAD files, importing, library of macros, data entry by list or drawing, etc.), follow-up of revisions of drawings, design of special components (wire mesh and rebars), library of standards, etc.
  • Organization and launch of manufacturing depending on your machinery and real-time constraints.
  • Administrative management (price quotes, standard and special orders, deliveries, invoices, reminders and payments, etc.) supplemented by numerous customizable statistics and cost calculation. 
  • Management of internal decisions (Workflow).




The “industry” part of the A+ Software solution, a real Manufacturing Execution System (MES), can be adapted to your existing machinery and assists you in optimizing production and all your rebar manufacturing process depending on your specific criteria, in the following ways:

  • Reduction in material consumption and increase in productivity.
  • Downloading of production orders directly to the machines (via the operator or sent directly from the office).
  • Comprehensive follow-up, in real-time, per workstation, operator, order, etc. 
  • Full traceability of the raw material, as well as product traceability (operator, machine, etc.).
  • Simplification of the work of your staff thanks to the provision of modern and efficient tools (touchscreens, mobile solutions, wireline or wireless equipment, etc.).



3  advantages of the A+SOFTWARE solution »

  • Facilitates the running of the workshop
  • Increases productivity
  • Maintains product quality