Solutions for the construction steel & concrete industry

A+ Integration

Reinforcement manufacturers, production and assembly

As a major component of our software solutions, rebar software is available from Arma Plus to help you organise your activity as best as possible and in line with your expectations and specific requests. Bending rebar is a core industry, that requires particular thought and management, hence our specific A+ solutions that has all the answers you have been waiting for.

Providing detailing software for the bending rebar industryis very important to us, which is why we are here to take your requests into consideration and apply them as proficiently as we can in a tailored solution. Once the solution has been created, we will assist  you in its implementation, so you can draw all possible benefits from it with a view to optimising your processes.


Whether you require a business comprehensive software solution that integrates the major functional components of your activity, or specific developments on demand, the solutions offered by Arma Plus can be adapted to all types of customers: steel, concrete and construction industrialists, reinforcement manufacturers and the reinforcing steel industry, precasters, or general contractors.


Here at Arma Plus, our priority is meeting your requirements as closely as possible, and assisting you in implementing your solution while respecting your organization.


Our role is thus to provide you with the skills necessary for the successful integration of the selected solutions, based on and using our A+ Software solution.



A solution fully in line with your requirements

Our wide-ranging solution ensures the perfect functioning of your information system with respect to:

  • Specific developments for an optimal adaptation to your actual requirements;
  • Interface for third-party systems (CAD, financial, etc.);
  • Integration of specific machinery;
  • Training and support.

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