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Arma Plus, Advice for Reinforcement Manufacturers and the Reinforcing Steel Industry

Arma Plus has a dedicated and professional team of people who work hard to ensure your rebar software solutions provide you with everything you require and satisfy you entirely. Reinforcement detailing software is included in our specialty and our professionals are always there to advise and guide you throughout your project.


As a rebar manufacturer, you may be looking to improve and optimise your organisation with a comprehensive software solution, and our experts are there to help you with any machinery, technical, workshop or resource questions you may have. Wether you require expertise, advice or improved efficiency, we have the perfect solution for you with our A+ range of products. Rebar software solutions are a key stage of your design process, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information.  



Arma Plus advises you on the creation of rebar workshops and supports you throughout your projects: design studies, requirements analysis, and management of workflow.


With our understanding of your specific requirements, we work alongside you right from the early stages of your project. Thanks to our team of engineers and our 30 years of experience in the production of reinforcing steel, we can provide all professional and practical advice regarding the proper design study of your future workshop, or on how to improve your current production levels (resources, flows, types of machines, facilities, etc.).



  •  Advice on organization and investment for rebar production management.
  • Software and IT project management.
  • Network engineering (LAN, WAN, Cloud, SaaS, etc.).
  • Support (system administration, hotline, after-sales service).
  • Research & Development: with Arma Plus, your future is already programmed.



Rebar, machinery and processes: tailored advice to improve your organization

The inclusion of the Arma Plus team at the design and all subsequent stages of your projects ensures you benefit from our expertise and advice in the area of ​​rebars, machinery, and manufacturing processes.


Thanks to our awareness and understanding of your issues, combined with our technical skills, we are able to control all aspects of the rebar activity and to provide you with a comprehensive study and solution (workshop layout, choice of machinery, resources, material flows, etc.).


Do you require expert advice on how to organize, streamline, or optimize your rebar workshop? Arma Plus recommends solutions that are fully tailored to both your company profile and the specifics of your production and your markets.

  • Study of existing constraints (building, logistics, availability, bar/coil prices).
  • Analysis by market (geographical, building / civil engineering).
  • Definition of the types of machines to meet production targets.
  • Analysis of production flows (positioning of machines to optimize handling costs).
  • Determination of space requirements.
  • Training and support throughout the start-up stage.



3 advantages of the A+ Consulting solution »

  • Expertise
  • Advice
  • Efficiency



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