Solutions for the construction steel & concrete industry

Our Team’s expertise areas

Arma Plus, the software specialist for reinforcing steel

The ability to satisfy all customer requirements is the best way to generate customer loyalty and gain competitive advantage. Arma Plus boasts significant human and technical resources in order to provide its reinforcement, general constructor and steel manufacturer customers with top-quality services.

Today, the Arma Plus team comprises 35 people, 60% of whom are developers, united around a common vision and sharing the same goals for success and performance.




Our R&D team is composed of technical experts – concrete engineers, computer scientists and developers – who deploy their comprehensive know-how and sense of innovation in steel industry to guarantee the reliability and performance of our A+ Software. Since its launch in 1984, A+ Software continues to remain the tool of reference throughout the rebar industry. Our technical engineers are trained and certified in Microsoft, PC SOFT, Dell, Citrix, HP and Xerox, to name but a few.



Project Management

The inclusion of the Arma Plus team at the design and all subsequent project stages ensures customers benefit fully from our technical expertise and advice. Our team of project managers carries out a systematic analysis of our customers’ requirements, working with them in developing the best possible solution and throughout its implementation.



Business Development

While a third generation of users are now implementing Arma Plus reference tools, our Business Development division works daily to strengthen our position as market leader in specialized software for the reinforcing steel industry, and help us conquer new international markets.



Administrative and Finance Division

As the primary user of the A+ Software solution, and an essential intermediary between the various Arma Plus departments, the Administrative and Finance Division contributes its specific expertise and know-how to the success of our company.



Support, After-Sales Service and Technical Services

Responsiveness, technical expertise, and availability: the Arma Plus After-Sales Service team implements its range of skills to ensure the performance of your tools. A service contract, hotline, and preventive, corrective or progressive maintenance guarantee a quality response for our customers and the best possible use of A+ Software.




Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our Logistics Department coordinates product orders, deliveries, and quality follow-up. It is organized in such a way as to respond quickly and effectively to your requests, and is committed to continually improving its services.