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Our core values

Arma Plus, Software Publisher for the Reinforcing Steel Industry

For the past 30 years, Arma Plus has continually developed it business around strong values, ​​to become the leading partner today on the world reinforcing steel industry.

These values have guided the development of the company right from the outset. They are those of its founder Jean-Jacques Touya, who drew on his experience playing rugby and the underlying values of this sport to forge the identity of Arma Plus. Team spirit, discipline, effort, humility, and respect: these are the values that shape the evolution and future of Arma Plus, reflecting the way in which we maintain our relationships with our business partners, employees and society in general.




Team spirit

A solid team working towards a common vision and sharing the same goals for success. It is on this premise that Arma Plus was created and has developed. Team spirit is a value rooted today in our corporate culture and in our management practices, the driving force behind all our innovations. It gives meaning to the relationships we build with our customers, moving forward and working together to ensure the success of your projects. 




A love of hard work, solidarity, and courage are reference values at the heart of the development of Arma Plus. One of our primary concerns is to ensure that we never rest on our laurels, that we continually challenge what we know and further develop that which works, investing fully in our daily work to make it even more efficient.




Creativity makes up our DNA. We cultivate creativity because we know that we need to constantly innovate and develop our services and solutions to address the new requirements of Internet, mobility, and the dematerialization of information. That is why we continuously invest in R&D to meet the expectations of our customers and anticipate market developments.




Our primary concern is to continually improve the services and solutions we offer our customers on a daily basis. Our ability to fully understand our customers’ requirements and guarantee satisfaction motivates us to provide ever more efficient and quality services. Our 30 years of experience, combined with the knowledge and expertise of our team of engineers, represent our main advantages to offer our customers all the guarantees of quality, reliability and performance.


Understanding and Dialogue

Listening attentively to our customers is fundamental, the only way to fully understand the requirements expressed. Customer dialogue and satisfaction motivate us to contribute to the development of both global leaders in the reinforcing steel industry as well as smaller regional operators. All benefit from the same intellectual and technological commitments on the part of Arma Plus.




Customer respect is at the heart of our concerns. Self-respect and respect for others are cardinal virtues for the Arma Plus team. Our strict compliance with technologies, specifications, customer requests, and the rules of the profession complements and symbolizes the ethics of our company.




Within Arma Plus, each department is consulted on development projects for the knowledge and technical contribution it can bring to the table. We implement a culture of sharing at all levels of the company, because we believe that knowledge that is not transmitted or shared is not worth much. For us, sharing is vital to achieve the same goals of success, to anticipate and imagine the future.