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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

Arma Plus, CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

Answerable to its customers, suppliers, employees, and society in general, Arma Plus implements a proactive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that contributes to sustainable development and allows for controlling the company’s economic, social and environmental impact.

The Arma Plus CSR policy is taking form with the establishment of a CSR working group within the company. This group is responsible for analysing our organization and our various consumptions in order to identify and define measurable goals, and follow up on the concrete actions undertaken.



We have been implementing actions for several years now, including :

  • construction of a videoconference room to limit business trips and reduce our carbon footprint;
  • dematerialization of sales and marketing documents;
  • waste recovery and recycling;
  • control of energy consumption;
  • limiting the use of paper and raw materials.


To complete and improve the effectiveness of our CSR policy, we draw on our annual action plan which implements new and ever more efficient actions for the economic and environmental aspects of our activities.

Finally, our CSR policy shapes the decisions made by Arma Plus in terms of human resources and social dialogue, relations with suppliers and subcontractors, commitments to our community, social action, and corporate sponsorship