Solutions for the construction steel & concrete industry


Arma Plus: constructive intelligence at the heart of the software project

Arma Plus, Software Integration for the Reinforcing Steel Industry

As a software publisher specialized in the construction and reinforcing steel industry, Arma Plus has developed expert knowledge of history of rebar and of the problems and issues encountered in this sector. It offers its customers services and solutions tailored to all aspects of their activities: production, sales, logistics, quality, management, etc.

Whether in the field of rebars, machinery or manufacturing processes, Arma Plus offers its expertise, consultancy services, and perfectly complementary products covering all of the requirements of companies: advice, software, hardware, integration, industrial solutions, and consumables.





Arma Plus: a comprehensive response to universal expectations

From small family-run companies to huge multinationals with several production sites, Arma Plus provides an expert solution covering, on request, all or part of the running of workshops.

Thanks to its extensive expertise in the rebar and steel industries, Arma Plus helps you strengthen the organization of your company. We offer advice, software, integration, and accessories, all designed to improve your production.  
Our scalable solutions allow for supporting you throughout your development, optimizing your return on investment and your cost-effectiveness.


Arma Plus: performance and quality

With immediately available, reliable and accurate information, quick responses, and easy-to-use IT solutions, we ensure you remain operational, save time, and boost your technical and financial performance. Arma Plus solutions optimize your process, helping you reduce costs and gain competitive advantage.

Arma Plus has developed efficient and sustainable solutions that address the key concerns of companies:

  • immediate availability of reliable, accurate information to rapidly provide an answer to the customer and improve management;
  • ease of use to increase the productivity of end users;
  • fast and efficient service to ensure customers remain fully operational;
  • optimized management of material consumption to reduce costs and gain competitive advantage;
  • ideal functional coverage;
  • schedule management to help reduce deadlines;
  • guarantee of scalable tools in order to adapt to market requirements.



Project management within Arma Plus

Integrated at the design and all subsequent stages of your projects, Arma Plus works alongside you to develop the solution best suited to your requirements. A software solution must be capable of being integrated into the customer’s environment in order to maximize its effectiveness. That is why the Arma Plus project team is dedicated to integration, in order to anticipate the necessary developments, training, interfaces with third-party software, schedules, etc. Right from the definition of the initial budget, the project team is consulted to ensure the best match between our offer and your requirements. Throughout the implementation, your project manager works with you, in real time and using specialized tools, to ensure the successful deployment of our A+ Software within your organization.

With Arma Plus, you benefit from:

  • a project team that fully understands your requirements and capable of developing a tailored solution;
  • expertise and advice on rebars, machinery, and processes;
  • the guarantee of a commitment to quality in terms of support / after-sales service.


3 advantages of the Software Project

  • Project management
  • support
  • Advice