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Arma Plus and sports sponsorship

For Arma Plus, team spirit, initiative, and effort are core values, both in business and in sport. That is why the company has established partnerships with experienced sports clubs as well as schools training young sportsmen and women.




Arma Plus supports Antoine Devineau, French Laser Standard team

Arma Plus supports Antoine Devineau, a promising young Laser Standard racer, who currently ranks in 7th place nationally. Antoine is training in this professional sport while pursuing a degree in engineering. We are in no doubt that this up-and-coming young champion will one day make the Olympics, and we wish him a very successful season with results that are already extremely encouraging.


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Arma Plus supports the SNUC, the Nantes university rugby clubArma Plus has always supported rugby, and shares this passion with many of its Australian, South African, and English customers, notably. Energy, an indomitable spirit, and solidarity: for Arma Plus, just like for a rugby team, collective performance is the prerequisite for success.

We partner the SNUC (Stade Nantais Université Club) rugby school, which became the Stade Nantais in 2007, and which plays in the Fédérale 2 rugby union club championship division.  Arma Plus strengthened its partnership for the 2013-2014 season by becoming the jersey sponsor for the club’s youth teams.