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Arma Plus was founded in 1984 as a result of a revolutionary idea, that of using computer software in the organization and running of factories and workshops producing reinforcing steel for the construction industry in order to streamline the management of personnel and machinery, simplify the administrative work, and improve the profitability of the industrial activities. 30 years ago, it was a real innovation in steel industry.

Sensing the huge potential of computers and new information and communication technologies in general, Arma Plus and its team of concrete engineers created the first comprehensive and integrated software solution for the construction, reinforcing steel and wire mesh industry.


This software was designed to support the development of steel manufacturers and help them progress rapidly in the management of their production, their productivity growth and their competitiveness.

Capable of adapting its solutions to any type of customer, regardless of size or country, Arma Plus supports the operation and economic development of numerous reinforcement manufacturers.

Leading partner for the rebar industry, Arma Plus has been deploying its teams, solutions, and know-how  for more than three decades, placing them at the service of manufacturers seeking innovation and progress.

Our ability to fully understand your requirements means that we are constantly innovating and developing, ensuring that you work daily with reference tools and proven methods on today’s rebar market worldwide.



Arma Plus, constructive intelligence at the heart of the software project

The Arma Plus project approach is organized in such a way as to guarantee the suitability of the product to your requirements. Our team of project managers carries out a systematic analysis of your requirements upstream, working with you to develop the solution that best meets all of your expectations. The customer project manager works closely with Arma Plus, validating the project schedules (Gantt-type) established upstream in order to avoid any obstacles or pitfalls that could delay the final acceptance testing.

This specificity allows us to work on all types of organizations with our customers, be they family-run businesses, SMEs or multinationals, in Europe, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America. Today, Arma Plus has more than 650 references in some 50 countries, for factories producing between 60 and 60,000 tonnes of rebar per month.




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