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Your main activity is the manufacture of rebars. Production of standard rebars, customize rebars that are cut, bend or assembled, standard or special mesh, with or without wire drawing, or wether you ensure the installation on construction sites.




your main activity is the manufacture of precast concrete parts. Wether you produce standard or special parts, A+Software is designed to provide a turnkey solution for the management of concrete parts.




As a general contractor, your main issues guaranteeing your rebar supplies, controlling the content and budgets of your rebar subcontractors while preserving lead times to meet a fixed schedule.



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ARMA PLUS, global and comprehensive it solutions for rebar and steel for concrete industry

Since 1984, when it created its first comprehensive and integrated IT solution for the rebar and mesh industry, Arma Plus has constantly developed a wide range of high performance rebar software for the entire steel for concrete industry. Arma Plus is a software editor for rebar manufacturers, mesh makers, placing companies, traders, precasters and general contractors. It brings you IT solutions and services to simplify and secure the management and organization of your activities. A + Solutions (Consulting, Software, Integration, Supplies) are implemented at all stages of your organization for production management and administration in order to optimize your return on investment and your financial profitability. Our rebar software solutions for the steel industry for concrete are scalable and adapted to your production environment, your machines, your information system thus ensure greater efficiency and quality. You, as rebar manufacturers, are looking for an to simplify the production and prefabrication of reinforced elements. The A + Software IT solutions and detailing software we offer for the production of rebar for concrete are a real decision-making tool for your organization and the daily activities of your workshop. You, as concrete precasters, your main activity is the manufacture of prefabricated concrete elements. You have to guarantee quality products to your customers, while preserving your delivery times and control your costs. For a production of standard or special elements, A + Software’s production and prefabrication IT Software is designed to provide you with a turnkey solution for the management of concrete parts. You, as General contractors, you have to manage your rebar supply, guarantee quality services to your customers, control the contents and budgets of your rebar subcontractors while preserving deadlines to fulfill a fixed schedule. As a global software editor and integrated software solutions developer for the reinforcement and steel industry for Concrete, Arma Plus meets your needs. Conceived pragmatically by business experts, A + Software’s IT solution assists you in the day-to-day management of the reinforcement supply of your sites. Our software A + rebar Software allows you to secure the management and organization of the work and to control the hazards, thus the costs, thanks to a very wide functional coverage. The A + Software General Contractor Pack is the software solution developed by Arma Plus to secure the management of your job sites and supply chain throughout your organization and meet your specific procurement and delivery deadlines. Consulting, Software, Integration, Hardware, with A + Solutions, we help our clients organize their processes to the best advantage and gain in competitiveness: Consulting in organization and investment of production management for reinforcement, IT project management, (Lan, Wan, Cloud, Saas …) Support (administration system, hotline, helpdesk…) selected computer and industrial materials, production labels, shipping labels or traceability label


Armaplus, management software solutions for the industrial production and processing of steel for reinforced concrete and reinforcing workshops.